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Become an innovation leader with our prime AI models while InstaCover guides your customers through the car inspection process with ease.

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browser-friendly No instalLation

Don't worry about app installation. InstaCover
is completely web-based.
No installation is needed!

guide your clients
with instacover

Our app will guide your customers through the inspection process and our AI will make sure there aren't any blurry or incorrect photos.

comprehensive report ready

Get complete inspection report, including car photos, VIN, licence plate, mileage and detected damage.

Our case study

Direct insurance company

Direct‘s company values are simplicity, speed, reliability, and friendliness. Now, their customers can arrange their vehicle insurance policy remotely, with our AI technology conveniently guiding them through the photography process.

We were awarded

our features

01 Vehicle view recognition
02 Damage detection
03 Vehicle info mining
04 Brand & model detection
05 Personal document mining
06 Contract validation
07 Vehicle pricing

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