The Most Frequently Asked Questions about InstaClaim

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What the hell is InstaClaim? Is it something for claiming?

Well, you got us with that one. InstaClaim, as the name suggests, is indeed meant to ease and speed up the whole insurance claiming process through digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence.

However, it turned out to be an excellent mean for underwriting processes equally!

InstaClaim combines virtual remote inspections with AI-driven document management, fraud prevention and outstanding customer experience.

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We are seriously thinking about a new name that would reflect the product's true nature and potential. So don't be surprised when you suddenly see 'InsurHero' or something like that on our website.

If you wish to get a general overview, visit our website. If you are ready to dive deeper, go through our Blog Introductory Series.

Is there any trial period?

Nope. There is something more. We do not want to sell a pig in a poke. In case you are just curious about InstaClaim and want to get the idea about how it looks and what you can achieve with it, we recommend you to request a demo session with Johnny - the most passionate person about insurtech in our company and THE expert on InstaClaim.

Jan is one of the InstaClaim founders and congenial person you can ask anything.

Johnny will answer all your questions and guide you through AI-powered document mining and InstaClaim Remote Inspections. You will see and try the interface for an operator and a customer.

For those already serious about InstaClaim, we always do a proof-of-concept on their own historical data. That means you will see all the good that InstaClaim could have already done for you and decide accordingly.

Is InstaClaim suitable just for car insurance?

At the very beginning, InstaClaim focused on car insurance, because we have seen that the segment could benefit from our solution the most. As the time goes and we enter more and more conversations with our prospects, we continue developing new use cases that go across many insurance segments.

Besides car insurance, InstaClaim is suitable for life&health insurance and property insurance as well.

InstaClaim use cases go across many insurance segments.

Do you resell InstaClaim or is it yours?

We are NOT a software reseller. From inception to completion, InstaClaim is built in-house by theVertical.AI. We build products all the way from the interface through the models down to the system integration. Doing business with us means you have InstaClaim insiders always by your side.


Can we use InstaClaim under our own brand?

Absolutely YES. Although we are proud of InstaClaim and wish to spread the word about it as much as possible, we understand that you may have a different opinion. We can remove our branding elements so that you can use InstaClaim as a white label product under your own brand.

InstaClaim is a white-label product.

We need to process a very-unique-and-complicated-form-that-nobody-else-uses. Can InstaClaim do it?

Yes, it can. Customisation is the answer. Our developers trained InstaClaim to recognise and process the most common personal papers (e.g. personal ID card or driving licence card), official documents and forms (e.g. vehicle registration document, accident statement form, medical reports, invoices, contracts etc.) and predefined subjects on photos.

In addition to the standard range of docs InstaClaim work with, the categories of documents and pictures for automated processing can be customised according to your needs. We are always keen on training InstaClaim for a new document, object category or form you require.

InstaClaim can recognise custom doc categories.

The full-blown InstaClaim is too much for us. Do you offer price plans for separate modules?

Not everyone is ready for a complete switch. We get it. InstaClaim is a modular product, so you can grab what brings you the highest value only, or what your budget allows. Just keep in mind that InstaClaim's super-power fully shows off when used as an all-inclusive service.

When you want to innovate, why to do it halfway? Think about it.

If you are looking for the price list, please get in touch with us here.

InstaClaim modules


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